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Good Sam Fund

In honor of Sam, who represents the many canine and feline victims of human abuse and neglect, The Good Samaritan Pet Center has established the GOOD SAM FUND. This fund will be used to pay a portion of the medical expenses for animals in need.

In far too many cases, pet owners are forced to sacrifice quality of life for their pets due to financial constraints. In the worst cases, people must choose to euthanize a pet when reasonable medical care might have been an option. The Good Sam Fund will provide a limited amount of medical expenses or lifesaving medical treatments to low-income pet owners in need.

If you wish to contribute to the fund, please mail a donation to GOOD SAM FUND, P.O. Box 202005, Denver, CO 80220. You can also make a donation through ColoradoGives.org, and designate the Good Sam Fund in the Special Instructions.

Sam's Story

My name is Sam.  I'm a 2-year-old tri-color English Setter and I have been having a rough time. In my first home, I was supposed to be a hunting dog but I'm afraid of guns. So my owner put me in a kennel and was going to have me put to sleep.

When a very nice lady heard about this, she took me to her home for 2 months, but, due to her health problems, had to turn me over to the English Setter Rescue Group.

From there, I went to a very nice foster home and from there, to my new, permanent home.

However, I have an extreme skin problem. I have to wear a "lamp shade" to keep from scratching, biting and licking my skin my mom says she has a lamp shade attached to her leg because I'm always close by!!  My mom ended up taking me to a doggie dermatologist and he has ruled out mites and parasites. Right now I'm being treated for a food allergy, which will take 8 to 10 weeks to determine. If that isn't the problem, it probably is pollen, since house dust has pretty much been ruled out, too. That would probably have to be treated with allergy shots for the rest of my life.

Since all this medical treatment is very expensive, my mom and I are so very grateful to you wonderful people at Good Samaritan Pet Center for helping to pay for this through the "Good Sam" fund. How privileged I feel to have a fund named after me!

I don't mean to be so much trouble. My mom calls me "Silly Sam" because I love to play and just act silly with my favorite toy.  The best thing, though is when my mom just sits and gives me attention. Nobody, for a long time, bothered to give me much attention, and I just have so much love to give back.

Thanks again for all the help Good Samaritan Pet Center has given me.


P.S. My mom got me a really neat bed because she said that no matter what, I was going to have a nice bed for as long as we are together. I haven't told her but I intend to lick (no pun intended) this skin problem and be around long enough to wear out that bed!!!

Sam Follow-up Letter -- August 2001

Hi Beth and everybody at Good Samaritan Pet Center,

Remember me ?- "Silly" Sam - the allergy dog for whom the "Good Sam Fund" is named? Well, I just wanted to give you an update, since all of you have been so kind to me.  About 2 months ago it was decided I don't have mites and parasites or a food allergy. So the next step was skin allergy testing. You all were so generous to help to pay the cost of this very expensive testing, which showed I do have some pollen and dust allergies. Now I am on allergy shots, which will take at least 8 months to help. But in the meantime, I'm staying comfortable with medicine every other day, baths every 3 or 4 days, fish oil capsules, and the shots. Apparently, every little bit helps, because I still scratch some, but I'm being good and not biting at myself anymore. The first vet my new mom took me to wanted to put me to sleep; but, with the financial help from the "Good Sam Fund" I have been able to be tested and am on the road to recovery.

Life is good - and now I can eat anything - and I make sure my mom is reminded of that very often! Thanks again to Good Samaritan Pet Center and the "Good Sam Fund" for all the help to get me back on my feet.  Love, Sam

P.S. My fur is still very thin, but the dermatologist said it will grow  back - and in the meantime I just wear suntan lotion every day. I just LOVE to run and play in my backyard and out at the Cherry Creek dog area - isn't life great?


Sam and Barbara at a recent picnic.