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Look What’s NEW!

Our Most Treasured Tails - Sixty Years of Pet Rescue is the story of the Kuligowski family's memorable experiences (with photos) of more than sixty years of pet rescue in New Mexico. After becoming part of the Kuligowski household, many of their rescue dogs earned an impressive array of accomplishments. One became the number one agility Pug in AKC competition in the USA. Another, a Parti-Cocker Spaniel, was awarded "For the Love of Children Pet of the Year." Pictures and feature stories of others were carried in both local and national publications.

This book is not just a collection of heartwarming stories as this family also seeks to seriously involve the reader, asking their help in pursuing stronger animal humane legislation. After stating the current laws and regulations governing animal safety and animal cruelty, they ask you to carefully examine the existing laws regarding these issues in your communities—be aware of how your city officials, state and federal legislators voted. For the sake of your pet, of all pets, become involved.

Cost of this book is $20.00 (plus $2.50 shipping & handling) - Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to animal rescue shelters. Click here for more information about this book.

Enjoy a Good Read
Support Animal Humane Associations
Promote a Greater Awareness of Animal Cruelty
It's a Win-Win Situation



Also NEW!

Forever Paws is the magical companion book to For Every Dog An Angel and For Every Cat An Angel. This is Christine Davis' newest book of comfort. It focuses on what happens when the time comes to say goodbye to our treasured animal friends. Forever paws takes the reader on a gentle and hopeful journey. The story begins by telling us that puppies and kittens are born with glowing forever paws, a wondrous gift that guides the critter to its special person and keeps them connected for all time

Cost of this book is $13.00 (plus $2.50 shipping & handling)



For Every Dog An Angel and For Every Cat An Angel are books dedicated to the special relationships people have with their pets.

Author Christine Davis writes with a deep understanding and appreciation of animals and the many gifts they bring to us.

Donation: $10.00 (plus $2.50 shipping & handling)

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Perfect For the Holidays!

We are delighted to offer Christine Davis' new latest book for animal lovers, Old Dog and the Christmas Wish. This is a book for those of you who believe in Christmas miracles...and for those of you not quite certain.

Donation: $13.00 (plus $2.50 shipping & handling)



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in different sizes and colors.

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