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Cats Available for Adoption

These are the cats available now for adoption. For more information on a specific cat, please click on the cat's name or picture and contact the person listed for that cat.

  Name Breed Sex Age
  Angel Domestic Shorthair  F/Spayed  10-12 Years 
  Basil Rasmussen Tuxedo  M/Neutered  11 Years 
  Bella Russian Blue Longhair  F/Spayed  8 years 
  Butterscotch Turkish Angora/Tabby Mix  14 Weeks 
  Carl Dilute orange tabby  M/Neutered  10 Years 
  Charlotte Tabby  14 Weeks 
  Clarence Domestic Shorthair/Tuxedo  M/Neutered   
  Dante Domestic Shorthair-orange tabby  M/Neutered  5 Years 
  David Grey Tabby  14 Weeks 
  Holly Domestic Shorthair  F/Spayed  Adult 
  Max Orange Tabby  M/Neutered  10 Years 
  Norton Lynx Point Siamese  M/Neutered  10 Years 
  Peaches brown tabby  F/Spayed  11 Years 
  Punkin Seal point Siamese  F/Spayed  12 Years 
  Sara* brown tabby  F/Spayed  3 Years 
  Scarlet Tuxedo (black and whlte)  14 Weeks 
  Sienna Dilute Calico - Longhair  F/Spayed  5 years 
  Socks and Boots* Domestic Longhair  F/Spayed  10 Years 
  Suzy Domestic Shorthair  F/Spayed  1-1/2 year 
  Twocat* Siamese Mix  F/Spayed  12 Years 
  Tyler Maine Coon  M/Neutered  12 Years 
  Tyson Domestic Shorthair  M/Neutered  9 Years 

* Note: Some of the animals listed for adoption are under our Good Samaritan Pet Center Flyer Program. Flyer Program animals are in search of a new home, but are still living with their current owners.