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Puck and Pepe*

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Puck and Pepe are looking for a new home.

An orange, spayed, long haired, American tabby, Puck is almost 12 years old, and in great health. She loves to sit in sunlight or on your chest while purring...Puck was originally named after the changeling in Shakespeare's Midnight Summer's Dream and it was a good fit since upon taking her to vet for the first time, the vet confirmed she was a she and not a he (as originally told!).
A white and black, long haired neutered, male American kitty, Pepe is 10 years old and was originally named for Pepe le Pu (or his kitty love from the cartoons). He is very, very shy, and will hide at first, but once he knows you he loves to sleep on the bed with you and snuggle under your chin. He is also a silent stalker of the laser pointer!
Please contact  Gina at 303-246-9720 with serious inquiries.

For more information about Puck and Pepe* contact Gina.

Phone: 303-246-9720

Click here to fill out an adoption form for Puck and Pepe*.

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