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Olive is a one year old double dapple Dachshund who is deaf and mostly blind. Olive cannot be walked on a leash as she freezes up when she is in unfamiliar territory. She will not be able to learn sign language or do clicker training. She is is a very active girl! She loves to chase other dogs and play with toys. Due to Olive's issues, it would be best for her to live in a home with few/to no steps and no small children. Olive's new home will need to be very patient with house training as she is very timid in new situations and it will take her a while to figure out where she should go. Olive is very affectionate and loves to sit on human laps. Olive should be placed with another small, young dog if possible to help her learn her new home. Olive is very much a barker so an apartment or anywhere that she will disturb others is not a good idea. Adopting a blind and deaf dog takes a high level of responsibility so please take that into consideration prior to applying for her. Please do a little research on adopting a blind and deaf dog and what needs they have. To find out more about Olive please contact Tiffany at             303-667-1094.

For more information about Olive contact Tiffany.

Phone: 303-667-1094

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