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Bianca’s prior history is not known, but we estimate her to be about a year and a half old. She is a bundle of energy and as happy and sweet a dog as you could find! Smart and eager to please, she’s learning house manners and basic commands at the hands of a positive-reinforcement trainer. She would no doubt excel at advanced obedience training and any fun tricks her new family would like to teach her. Because of her energy level, her ideal home would be one with another active dog and no very small children.   Because of her gentle nature (submissive but not shy), she’d be a wonderful pet for the family who can devote time to continued training and exercise and who would embrace her exuberance and zest for life! She is cat safe but does want to play, so a timid or elderly cat wouldn’t appreciate Bianca as a sister. DNA testing has revealed her ancestry as a great mix ~ cattle dog, boxer, rottie, and bloodhound. To meet Bianca or to learn more, please phone Konnie at 303-378-2483. 

For more information about Bianca contact Konnie.

Phone: 303-378-2483

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